Pro Bono Services

pro-bono-hands-photos-108685353.jpgStagg Wabnik Law Group is dedicated to pro bono legal service and volunteers its services to members of the community in need of legal assistance. Over the years, the firm has devoted countless hours to the American Bar Association's Military Pro Bono Project. The firm volunteers to assist military members in need of local counsel by assisting in the resolution of complex legal issues, often when the military members are deployed overseas. Recently, the firm has obtained favorable results for military parents with family law disputes in Suffolk and Nassau County Supreme Courts. We have reunited military members with their children by petitioning for visitation, representing military parents in school district disputes and coordinating our legal efforts with officers of the Judge Advocate General's Corps and military members while deployed and stationed out of state and abroad. The firm acts quickly to resolve the urgent issues faced by military members, often through expedited judicial intervention.

In addition, Stagg Wabnik Law Group provides pro bono legal support to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which is a non-profit organization committed to helping provide legal counsel to refugee and immigrant children who come to the United States without their parents or legal guardian. Many of the children supported by KIND are seeking a safe haven from human rights abuses, domestic violence and trafficking. KIND is headquartered in Washington, DC, with field offices in Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, and New York City. Recently, the firm successfully obtained Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Guatemalan and Honduran children seeking refuge in the United States. The firm ensured that these children were placed in the care of a responsible guardian and that federal removal proceedings against them were terminated.

Stagg Wabnik Law Group encourages its attorneys and employees to bring to the firm's attention matters in which we may provide pro bono assistance. Once a pro bono matter is accepted by the firm, it is treated similarly to all other matters at the firm. We allocate our resources and time to zealously represent our pro bono clients in an effort to achieve the client's desired outcome.